A steward is someone who takes care of land, for the benefit of today's and tomorrow's generations. Like the pioneer in our logo, holding his staff, we take responsibility for what happens on our own land. Also, as citizens, we know that what happens in our community, our town, our county and watershed affects our land, water and air. Taking an even broader view, symbolized by the Native American in our logo, no human ever really "owns" land. The land was here before we were born and hopefully, will be here after we are long gone.

Eastern West Virginia and our neighbors in Virginia and Maryland have a proud tradition of small farm and forest ownership and historic towns. To protect this heritage, Stewards of the Potomac Highlands is networking among citizens in the eight northeastern counties of West Virginia. We will support and publicize existing group efforts. On certain issues, such as Corridor H, we will take the lead. We want to encourage all who labor so faithfully on behalf of their little corner of Planet Earth.

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